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Daniela Chionna

Daniela Chionna was born in Francavilla Fontana (Br) 1969

Always suspended between Art and Design, it made its debut in 1995 at the Festival dei Due Mondi in Spoleto. For the occasion, he presents a collection of functional sculptures with a strong evocative value, inspired by the four elements (Earth, Fire, Water, Air), a project much appreciated by the public and by Gian Carlo Menotti himself. It follows the collaboration with set designers and participation in the Fuori Salone del Mobile in Cologne – Germany.

In 2002 he created Paintings and Containers of Light, luminous multi-material structures of abstractionist inspiration, a project selected for the Salone Satellite 2002 on the occasion of the Salone Internazionale del Mobile in Milan; a mix of painting, sculpture and design where light delivers the entire work to a new dimension.

His modus operandi, always fluctuating between geometric rigor, naturalness, chromaticism and function, reveal a philosophical and practical study centered not only on the work but also on the relationship between it and the space that contains it.

His works have been selected by: Rai 3 Production Center in Turin, Pitti Immagine in Florence, Draka Production – film production, sector magazines.

Interviews, television coverage: Rai 3 Centro Produzione Torino, Rai 3 Lombardia, Rai 3 Puglia, Canale 5, Rete 4, Tele Norba, TRCB Tele Radio Città Bianca Ostuni (Br), Sky Puglia – Basilicata.

Since 2013, after a period of introspection and profound changes, he has embarked on a path dedicated to a predominantly pictorial research always aimed at the different levels of abstract transfiguration, with occasional forays into sculpture and installation.

In 2018 he is present at Arte Padova with a cycle of works dedicated to cosmogony and non-places or places of creation. A reflection on the Universe and on the quantum field and on the infinite energies that pervade it: the artist’s intent is no longer to represent “something” but to let “something” manifest itself through the work. Material surfaces with essential and deep colors, sometimes disturbed by a free sign or by the insertion of natural elements: an archaic celebration of Creation that will find its outlet in the large canvases dedicated to Interior Landscapes.

In 2019 he exhibited in Japan – Osaka.

Also in 2019 the project “Appunti Onirici – Dream Notes” was born, a performative act between Contemporary Art (painting) and Musical Improvisation (Pat Battstone – piano, Giorgia Santoro – flute) destined to become a record album produced by the prestigious Leo Records label, international distribution. Tour in Italy (Lecce, Bari, Crema, Milan) and the United States (Boston, New York, Cincinnati).

Daniela Chionna works in her home-studio. He collaborates with curators, architects, set designers, musicians.


What the critics think

Daniela Chionna is undeniably an Artist. Every aspect of her speaks the language of Art, as testified by her creative path, background and the powerful energy that pervades her, manifesting itself with explosive immediacy on her paintings, like a photographic snapshot. Her works communicate an apparently complex, yet very clear language. The colour combinations appear as deliberate sedimentations of deep, dense colours. Layer after layer they emerge until they liquefy into light or burn into sparks. Her paintings capture the translucent reverberations of water, the mysterious depths of cosmic spaces or the enigmatic movement of starry nights..[...] Contemplating one of her works is genuine nourishment for the spirit, a pause that stimulates the thirst for Art and Knowledge.[...]
Arcangelo Bungaro
Jewelery designer
"Within the realm of Creation"
Daniela Chionna's artistic exploration strikes me spiritually, intellectually, and aesthetically. Observing her creations becomes a dynamic, reverent act. The gaze is drawn to plunge into a tangible and symbolic terrain, where prevailing black and blue tones expand into a spherical harmony, centered in the boundless evocation of color, within craters, valleys, and nebulae. An orbit, a journey. It's an invitation for the gaze to glide through shifting tides, revealing bursts of lighter and darker tones, lymphatic pourings where vibrant red chromatic accents imbibe, an irresistible homage to life's essence.
Angela Marano
New Lands
Pictorial cross-sections that seem dizzying views of continental masses from above or, on the contrary, close-up dives of the gaze to the skin of the material.
Nicola Micieli
Art historian
Cycle of four pictorial works of art of which three are inspired by the colour of white lime wash and reminiscent of the faded tints of the old walls of groups of houses in the historical centres and the coastal houses of Puglia. The fourth piece is inspired by the resplendent cliffs of Salento which rise up and tower over the Adriatic. Walls daubed with lime wash, which herald the arrival of the summer season, deeply scored, evocative split open crevices, white fissures which espose old and faded hues: brick red, cobalt blue, yellow ochre; colours close to the hearts of the peoples of the Mediterranean. Calce, archeology of the soul, spirit of the present. A journey in colours that explores the identity of a Place seeking to capture that fascinating vibrancy of life and history that define it so well.