Daniela Chionna
Artist Designer

Daniela Chionna
Artist Designer

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For years my artistic practice, in painting as in design, has focused on the relationship between man (an evolving symbol), nature and the cosmos: a contemporary celebration of creation in its totality.

“The artifex works with the soul in the soul of the world”.

-Fernando Pessoa

Contemporary - Art

“The evolution that has characterized my artistic path in the last ten years (2013- 2023) is the fruit of a profound internal change.

The medium that best satisfied my expressive needs in this decade was painting. My pictorial research is always aimed at different levels of abstract transfiguration.”

Light - Art

“I made my debut with an Art-Design exhibition (functional sculptures) on the occasion of the Festival dei Due Mondi in Spoleto in 1995. In 2002 I created Paintings and Containers of Light (Light Art), an abstractionist-inspired project selected for the Salone Satellite – Milan International Furniture Fair; project that still continues to evolve today. My works are present in television and film sets, museums, sector magazines. I collaborate with architects, set designers, curators, musicians.”

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